cousinly love | a new orleans photoshoot

back in february, my family and i went to new orleans to celebrate my aunt’s 60th birthday. my mom was born and raised there and we still have a great deal of family there so we have been at least once a year pretty much since i was born. i’m certainly no stranger to the city, but i have never done a photoshoot there. we hadn’t been in a while and i was DYING to do a shoot in the french quarter while we were there. i immediately thought of my beautiful cousin, but knew she isn’t the modeling type. so i tried to find a model who would be interested or a friend of a friend of a friend who knew someone around this age – anything. but no luck. well.. being the wonderful, generous cousin that she is, alyssa decided to give in and be my model. so after our amazing brunch at mr. b’s, while everyone else was resting off a food coma, we went out to shoot. and guess what? she freaking rocked it! i normally don’t bring my computer with me on trips, but knowing that i’d be doing this shoot with her while we were there, i knew i’d be too excited to wait until i got home. and i was right. i. was. speechless. just picture me sitting on my hotel room bed, computer in my lap, jaw dropping in awe at how model-esque and phenomenal alyssa looks in these photos. i am so thrilled that we were able to do this and that i’m getting to share them now. love you sa-sa! 🙂


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